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Being YOU Makes You More Money

Starting a new business, upleveling a business, or a stagnating business: these are three times in the life of your business where it’s a good idea to check in with the soul or essence of your business. In the professional world it’s called core values, which lead to all of your marketing, human resources and financial decisions.

Sometimes at these stages of the business life the emphasis feels like, what do I need to “DO” next to get started or get going. But before the action starts, the “soul” or “essence” of the business needs to be visited.

Having true core values helps make it very clear what to do next as well as how it gets done. It also builds trust within the company as well as from the outside. Clarity on “who you are” as a business is the sieve thru which all is done to maintain integrity and a clear direction.

These are your company non-negotiables, passions and priorities. They tell who you are and how you do business without you having to say anything, and they help your tribe find you quickly and have a built in trust that makes them want to work with you or buy from you. It narrows the market to a niche and puts you out there as an expert by exerting a confidence and clarity.
It’s not limiting like it might sound.

All things to all people or companies takes too much time and effort for the client or customer to figure out if they trust you enough to do business with you.

Many companies set their core values at the start but at a time of stagnation or up leveling they need to be revisited. If your data shows stagnant growth are you following the core values you set and if you are have they, in fact, really changed? If you're doing great and are ready for an up level, do the original core values match your new set of goals?

After you know who you are as a business then figuring out who your target market or ideal customer is becomes a cinch. Choosing branding features like fonts and colors becomes clear as well as logos, placement and timing. The “doing” is inspired by the “knowing” and you now have a more effective use of time and resources and you are set-up to make more money faster.

If you aren’t sure how to implement this and would like step by step direction on how to develop and confirm your business core values, check out the free videos at www.darladelayne.com/vlog. They cover this and other topics that will help you redesign your business for next level success on your terms.

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