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Sean Waters has over 25 Years of experience producing projects for both Film and Television. Mr. Waters has created high-quality productions acting in the capacities of Director, Producer, Executive Producer, Unit Production Manager (UPM), Director of Photography (DP), Cinematographer, Production Coordinator, Chief Editor, Location Manager, Casting Director, Soundtrack Supervisor, Talent Management, Floor Director, Master Control Operator,  Marketing Director and Project Promotions Consultant.

Many of Mr. Waters‘ projects are well known in diverse genres. He has helped to produce reality television shows such as American Idol and COPS, televised sports productions including Super Bowl XLV, NCAA College Football BCS Bowl Games and NASCAR’s Daytona 500, and children’s television shows including Fox Kids and Goosebumps.

Director Sean Waters

Director Sean Waters

Waters is Hollywood’s next leading director. He is able to capture the world’s issues in a raw emotional way. His directing style is innovative, unique, and has the power to leave the audience in awe. Making an impact in the film and television world, Waters is loved and supported by Hollywood’s top film networks and studios. With over two decades of experience under his belt, Waters is able to give back to the world with stories that matter.


Sean Waters has worked with production teams to produce projects for:  NBC, FOX, CNN, ABC, CBS, UPN, Animal Planet, BBC, Ovation, Discovery Health, Discovery Science, Encore, Starz, Pay Per View, FOX Sports, Weather Channel, Comedy Central, Digital Media Centers.


Three words exemplify and define Sean Waters’ proven and consistent successes:

  1. “Innovation” - To create new and interesting projects that propel media forward.
  2. “Strategic” - To prepare and implement a strategy all the way through the production process to assure its successful completion.
  3. “Stealth” - Keeping projects, alliances and all production details silent on-line and around the industry until the time is right to strike with an aggressive marketing plan, keeping competition at bay and audiences anticipating.

Sean Waters believes in giving back by actively suppporting many charitable organizations and causes. Some of the organizations Sean supports include Make A Wish Foundation, Autism Foundation, Inc, United Nations Foundation, Human Trafficking Foundation, Cyber-Bullying, Make A Film Foundation, Amnesty International and Inland Valley Business and Community Foundation.

Here is his video introducing the Finest Women in Real Estate TV Reality Show:


  1. Ashley Preston

    Director Sean Waters, can’t say enough about him, he totally has helped my career. I heard about the finest women project recently and how he still wants to push that but the tv show I just did with him, wow, talk about organized. Finally a Director that DIRECTS AND COMMUNICATES!!!! :-). Love you Sean Waters

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