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Evolution Solution Marketing, Media On Location Merge to Take On the Inland Empire

Evolution Solution Marketing and Media On Location are combining their expertise of video production, text marketing, and social media to help promote and market businesses throughout the Inland Empire. Evolution Solution Marketing specializes in marketing and enhancing businesses through social media and video production. Johnathan Carlson, who is the founder of Evolution Solution Marketing, believes that his business is different from the rest because he understands the interest of each and every one of his clients,

“You have to understand the buyer’s interests and intent as early as possible so you can provide exactly what they seek when they seek it and that is exactly what we are going to do. We are going to understand the buyer’s interests to give them exactly what they seek.”

Media On Location is a video production company that brings current events and news to communities all over the Inland Empire. Ted Groves, the founder of Media On Location, describes the vision behind his business model, saying “The merger of the two business enables clients with a need to boost their clients base using their own custom website with videos that can represent their business within 30 seconds. Additionally to have a one stop for all their up to date digital media and marketing needs”. Together, Evolution Solution Marketing and Media On Location strive to bring its customers an advanced and superior form of marketing through their technological tools such as a studio, a green room, and quality videos. Both businesses plan on expanding and growing their clientele throughout the Inland Empire starting with Menifee, Carlson wants to reach his customers through many different mediums, “We are focused on having multiple locations for easy access for our customers/clients. We are also part of the Buzz newspaper that we intend to grow in the Inland Empire.”

Carlson believes that what sets Media On location and Evolution Solution Marketing apart from other digital marketing and production companies is based on their good reputation within their clientele, “You can ask any one that we have done work with that we will get the job done when we say we are done. We have extremely effective communication and all while looking how we can say the most for our customer to bring them the biggest profit.”

Evolution Solution Marketing and Media On Location have a variety of upcoming events together now that they’ve merged including a television talk-show based in Menifee and expanding the Buzz newspaper all over the Inland Empire.

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