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Meet Johnathan Carlson

I first met Johnathan R. Carlson when I “SHOWED UP” at a Menifee Chamber morning coffee at Giovanni’s Restaurant in Menifee. I always say that “SHOWING UP is like a treasure map you never know what treasure you will find."

As we chatted I learned that his company, Evolution Solution Marketing, Inc. helps its customers bring the power of Text Marketing to their customers as well as new customers. They also work with both small and large businesses. Even though sometimes I am not as tech knowledgeable as I would like to be I know that texting is in, so I wanted to hear more.

He told me that he helps customers build their customer list and helps them market in the most effective ways possible. They also design the programs to fit their customer’s budgets, so I liked everything he was telling me as I wanted to use some text marketing to market our upcoming nafe SuccessUP Women’s Conference that is happening in April.
We made an appointment to meet and before we met he looked at what we had and came up with some great solutions.

The first thing he did was make our www.wrnafe.com page more effective as it was too busy before and now it looks great. One thing I like about dealing with Johnathan and his company is that he delivers what he says and it’s done quickly so it has been a pleasure to work with him.We are continuing to do more work on getting information on nafe out to a targeted audience. This is just one of the services that he offers, and does an excellent job at it !

Working with him has also been a great learning experience for this not so technical person and I love that what he says he will deliver he does and at the time he says it will be done. You don’t find that very often many times there is a delay from the date promised but not with Evolution Solution Marketing, Inc and Johnathan R. Carlson. I know I am glad that I showed and met him at the Menifee Chamber breakfast as he is sure making my job as the nafe Global coordinator much easier and more efficient.

Who is Johnathan Carlson owner of Evolution Solution Marketing, Inc.
Johnathan grew up in Washington DC until the age of eight moving from Washington DC to Northern California as his dad was moving to become the West Coast regional manager for the FAA. He started elementary school in fourth grade down in Rocklin, California 20 miles north of Sacramento. From there he graduated from high school and joined the Navy. While in the Navy he got his BA and he wanted to continue his education so he went to Fresno State to finish his MBA.

He also was always a very good golfer so he played on the golf team at Fresno State and at that point he was trying to figure out what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He did an internship after he got out of Fresno State with Google he said “it was a very very interesting position, I learned a lot about algorithm coding and also how they relate with people in a crazy way”.

Because he was so good at Golf, he focused ways to get into a Golf Organization and it happened. He started working for American golf working in the pro shop and working his way up and became a part of a team that traveled around the failing golf courses. American Golf has over 280 golf courses,w hen he showed up they would fix them. He was gone all the time on the East Coast. In 2010 his daughter Lauren was born and she was the joy of his life. He said “I missed a lot of her early development ages and I was thinking I don't want to miss anymore so I had to make a move but what does that mean to me”. He started looking at different franchises that he could buy into or start but couldn't find anything that was what he wanted to move into so he took his skills that he had built over the years and started a company called Evolution Solution Marketing., Inc.

He has lived in Canyon Lake California for several years moving there in 2008. He lives with his fiancé and his daughter. He met his fiancé Jana at Fresno State in 2007 . Her parents live in Riverside California, and his parents also live in Canyon Lake.

Johnathan has a large family of four sisters and one brother. He said, “his daughter Lauren is definitely one of many grandkids that they have, but for Jana's family they have no grandkids except for Lauren so you could see how much that Lauren means to them as she gets spoiled every single chance that they can for her.”

Johnathan said “getting back to my company I wanted to start a company that the first thing that I thought to myself was wanting to help someone, the second thing is how was I going to make a living. So I came across something that everyone needs these days and put it all in place and that's to be able to be found online and make sure that they have a great website and a great social media aspect".

The services that he offers are text messaging, social media and website design.

Johnathan is a true believer in going above and beyond for his clients no matter what job he has.
You can reach Johnathan owner of Evolution SolutionMarketing, Inc at johnathan@evolutionsolutionmarketing.com (844)607-7448, (951-566-3017 (951-746-5915 (951-968-4528 his website is www.EvolutionSolutionMarketing.com

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