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Fired Up Experience and Highlight Events

When FIRE UP CONNECT was first made, it could be described as building and learning the Fundamentals, establishing an effective Introduction, building Relationships among businesses connections, and even clients, showcasing one’s own Expertise of their own field, obtaining great Understanding…
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Choosing a Financial Advisor

If you’re thinking about working with a financial advisor, how do you go about choosing which one to work with? Would it surprise you to find out that many, if not most, people choose the first advisor they talk to,…
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If Your Partner Dies, Who Gets The Business?

If your partner dies, who get’s the business? Would you have the cash to buy out your partner’s spouse/heirs if something were to happen to him or her unexpectedly? Have you documented and funded a buy/sell agreement to purchase the…
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Homes For Heroes

I recently became an Affiliate Pillar To Post Inspector specialist with a National Program call Homes For Heroes.  Homes For Heroes was established shortly after the tragic events of 9/11 as a way to give back and say “Thank You”…
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