Quantum Leap Intensive

Have a few "shiny objects" caught your attention and gotten you off track?
What if you could get some help in creating 1 specific focus for the next quarter to get back on track?

That’s exactly what we do in my Quantum Leap Intensive where we take a leap forward in your business and map out a plan for the next 90 days!!

It's a hands-ons workshop where we’ll also set clear monthly benchmarks so you don’t overwhelm yourself and still get there faster.

Do you find yourself using a scattered "try everything you can" method to build your business? How’s that working for you?? When I used to do that, it just left me feeling frustrated at all the time I was spending without much results.

We’re going to go step by step and set those monthly actions into easy to accomplish weekly lists of activities so there’s no wondering what to do next.

The best part is you can participate from anywhere because we’ll all be logging in on our computers to a virtual class! Yea, no driving!!

The Quantum Leap Intensive is a 2 hour zoom training that will be held on Monday 10:00 am PST of the last week of each quarter. Looking forward to you joining us!!

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