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Stop the “Scrolling Effect”

While trying to build your business today, you no doubt have felt the fallout of competing with


Having marketing that interrupts someone scrolling through emails, social media platforms, the remote control on a television and even texts, so it can actually engage them has grown our average touches needed to reach top of mind from around 7 to closer to 100!

Whether you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, self-employed, commissioned salesperson or small business owner, the bottom line is…

your marketing and advertising just doesn’t work as well as it used to.

The tactics you’re using are still effective; online marketing, drip campaigns, radio, TV, brochures, business cards, networking, etc. The strategies within those tactics are what need an update for the information technology age. Big businesses already know this and are implementing these changes.

They have huge teams of marketing experts that have as just their one focus, guiding the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns through analytics. A small business owner however has many areas of focus. First, and most importantly, they have the specific products and services they sell and on top of that they manage human resources, accounting, legal, sales teams, training, IT. And in the area of marketing they have both the tactical decisions and implementation as well as the content and strategies. It can be overwhelming and since very few have an expertise or education in marketing they tend to just do what everyone else is doing or at the very least what they’ve always done. This has led to minimal or low growth at best and most are barely scraping by.

The marketing content that you convey through speech, written word and image needs tweaking to increase its effectiveness. Billions of dollars are spent annually by small business owners on marketing, not to mention the hours of time, and the return on investment is not nearly what it could be.

Small business owners and the self-employed are longing to spend their precious time on the products and services they started the business for in the first place and have their marketing time and dollars do the job of generating more leads, attracting more clients and making more money.

4 Steps that Make Your Marketing Work Again
*Have a USP/MDP- This is about knowing yourself and your business and how it relates in the market. A Unique Selling Proposition is like a tagline. It’s a concise, memorable way to convey the uniqueness of your product. And a Market Dominating Position states the ways are you are different than others in your market as perceived by your target prospects or customers.
*Know your target market- Know who they are and be able to get inside their head. Be sure you know what is it they have that they don’t want and what is it they want that they don’t have.
*Use the Conversion Equation- Once you know what's in their head, you can now be top of mind when the prospect is ready to buy by interrupting, engaging, educating and offering.

These specific tweaks to your marketing are a huge start and the most important component to making your marketing do its job which is to get you more leads and convert them to customers, more transactions, better pricing and more profit.

Redesign Your Business for Next Level Success!!
(that’s my USP :))

I've done videos outlining several immediately effective strategies. In them I show you everything you need to do… step-by-step, in order to implement these strategies.

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