Month: November 2017

- Christine Damko, Economic Development Analyst with City of Temecula, speaking about

Marie Waite is a master networker/marketer who shares expertise and experience with great passion and clarity.  Her penchant for creating win-win situations is a key factor in both her networking and the relationships she brings to programs, events and activities.

- Paul Bandong, VP of Sales & Marketing with Valley News, speaking about

Marie Waite is an amazing individual. She is a visionary and very passionate about the development of the "Finest Women in Real Estate" that she founded. She has methodically planned and executed the development of this marketing organization into an organization that is destined to become a national success.

- Steve Tempel, Mortgage Loan Officer, speaking about

It is a joy to hear Marie Waite share her passion in person. As a communicator, she effectively connects with her listener by being very relatable and knowledgeable in her field.  Because she genuinely cares for the success of others, she looks for numerous angles one can improve their performance and production.  So also, Marie sees through the eyes of the customer and their needs.  This enables her to bring together people for mutual “wins” in life.  She is a great networker, but even a greater champion of people.

- Pastor Kerry Bowman, Lead Pastor, The Awakening Church, speaking about