Month: March 2018


Ask me about the Fairway Advantage Discount Savings Program if you are buying, selling or interested in refinancing. With this program it is not applicable if you already are working with a Real Estate Agent.
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I have been a Realtor for over 15 years and Stacy is one of the top Loan Officers I have had the good fortune to work with in this business! She is always looking out for the client and makes sure that everything goes smoothly. She give exceptional customer service which is rare!

- Jennifer Graber, speaking about

3 months ago-Stacy was instrumental in making my refinance happen quickly and smoothly. She was honest, friendly and non-judgmental when reviewing my situation. Stacy gave me a list with all the documentation that was needed. i provided the documents, she ran the credit and after I completed the disclosures and application the appraisal was ordered and scheduled. Stacy was safe and conservative with her estimates and we closed approximately 11 days before the time she promised. After combining my first mortgage and my equity line of credit, I'm saving approximately $600/month. AND, she only asked for an updated bank statement at the end as her list was thorough from the beginning.

I am also a real estate professional and give Stacy's information to all of my clients. She is my ROCKSTAR and helps to make amazing things happen when many loan officers don't have the ability, experience or insight to look at the various elements of the person's situation. She's available to answer questions and provide explanations in a helpful, patient and friendly manner to all of her clients.

- Amy Maidment, speaking about

I loved working with Stacy. She was very thorough each and every time we spoke. She made sure she answered all of my questions. I had complete confidence in her ability to manage our loan. She kept us updated and even helped with our escrow company when we had questions about the timing of the closing. I highly recommend her.

- Deborah Burroughs, speaking about

I'm a Realtor here in the Bay Area and my go to person for loans is Stacy. I had a situation on my last purchase where Wells Fargo could not qualify my buyer at a higher price. I picked up the phone and called Stacy and she was able to qualify them at the higher price AND required the buyers to put less down. We closed this purchase transaction smoothly in only 18 days. I've known Stacy for over 15 years and I will continue to send her my clients for loans. Good person and very knowledgeable!

- Ben Minor, speaking about