Month: April 2018

Keepsake Unique and Personalized Approach

Our Approach Keepsake Companions prides ourselves on senior home health care improving the life of your loved one by keeping them socially active and engaged while remaining in the safe, comfortable, and supportive environment of their own home. We will…
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Business Tax Planning

Knowing which business structure is best and the tax consequences is where Rich and his 30 years of expertise is invaluable. Rich has an advanced degree in tax law to help guide you through the right decisions for you to…
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Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Administration

If you own a home you need a trust to avoid the costly process of going to court to have your wealth transferred to who you want when you want. Rich prepares full estate plans including Wills, Trusts and powers…
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Business Mentoring

You know the old saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” The problem today is that for a majority of business owners their business is the basket. That means when the industry changes, the owner gets older, sick…
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Sales Journey Training – Online & Community Access

The Sales Journey training method was designed to teach highly applicable and practical sales tactics that get immediate results. Sales Journey is a holistic training process that focuses on the fundamentals of sales skills development. The process is composed three…
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Jeff has such an eclectic way of fusing his knowledge of leadership, success, and communication in an impactful method that reaches all ages of any background. He is an asset that every organization should have to develop organizational culture, structure, and growth. Jeff's passion is seen in everything he does and his service is by far unmatched by any consultant.

- Joshua Bui, Data Scientist | BS Nuclear Engineering, speaking about

I'm always inspired by great influencers like you, Jeff, Jim Rohn and our others fabulous authors. You do untold good for the world!!

- Vic Conant, CEO, Nightingale-Conant, speaking about

Jeff’s influence, inspirational speaking, and motivational mentoring is a life-changer and I would highly recommend him to any group, club, school, business or charity that wishes to not only impress and entertain their attendees, but to make a formidable impact and an unparalleled statement upon them.

- Jonnie Fox Flanagan, Founder and Director, The Magnolia School of Etiquette and Protocol, speaking about

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jeff personally and professionally and he comes with my highest recommendation. He is a man of integrity with vision, focus and strength in abundance. Jeff is a captivating speaker as well as a gifted coach and teacher. Any organization or individual would benefit from working with Jeff.

- Dan Brunell, President, Dearborn West, LLC, Franchise Development, speaking about