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How to Structure Your Business for Maximum Profits – WEBINAR

Date(s) - August 21, 2019
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

How to Structure Your Business for Maximum Profits

  1. 3 major business mistakes
    1. Survival Mode
    2. Stuck in Steady
    3. Sad Send Off
  2. Business Growth Framework
    1. Solid Start
    2. Superior Growth
    3. Sensational Finish

This webinar is for business owners who are:

  1. Tired of not getting the results they want
  2. Having difficulty generating consistent revenue and profit
  3. Paying too much in taxes
  4. Ready for a change


  1. You will take away specific ideas and strategies to get your net worth reflecting your net efforts.
  2. An opportunity for a 30 minute free business assessment
  3. Discount on a first year business tax return

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