Keepsake Unique and Personalized Approach

by | Apr 30, 2018

Our Approach
Keepsake Companions prides ourselves on senior home health care improving the life of your loved one by keeping them socially active and engaged while remaining in the safe, comfortable, and supportive environment of their own home.

We will design and maintain an ongoing care plan that will provide the right level of interaction and independence for your loved one. We strive to provide engaging activities and social outings based on their individual needs and stage of Alzheimer’s.

Our employees are dependable and trustworthy to ensure your peace of mind.

Just Enough Personal Assistance
Some seniors can stay at home if they just have some help in specific areas affected by their limitations or disabilities. They do not require a caregiver, per se. Instead, what they prefer is a conscientious, alert companion who builds their confidence, keeps a watchful eye, and fills in where and when needed.

Our Domestic Companion program provides an experienced, personal assistant who knows when to allow a senior to do for themselves and when to offer assistance. Common responsibilities include:

Helping Around The House & With Chores
Running Errands
Shopping With (Or For) A Senior
Driving To Appointments & Social Commitments
Assisting With (Or Preparing) Delicious Meals
Keeping Company During A Hospital/Facility Stay
And We Do The Laundry Too!!!
Our Personal Care Companion programs combines our Domestic Companion service with an in home caregiver that is experienced in assisting seniors with their activities of daily living. These self-care tasks include:

Dressing & Grooming
Bathing & Hygiene
Using The Toilet
Continence (Urinary and/or Bowel Control)
Mobility & Transferring

We Provide Comfort & Care
For those with a terminal illness we team up with medical organizations and professionals on the hospice care team. This program focuses on "palliative" care. The theory is to treat the person, not the incurable disease. We aim to enhance the person’s comfort and improve the quality of their remaining days; with a personal approach.
It Takes A Village
The hospice team puts together a care plan that is specific to the needs of the person. Our staff helps to implement that plan, under the guidance of the appropriate healthcare professional.

Here are some of the major responsibilities that guide their plan:

Manage the pain.
Manage the symptoms.
Train and coach family members on how to care for their loved one.
Provide therapies. (Speech therapy, etc.)
Provide medications and medical supplies.
Provide equipment.
Assist with the psychosocial, emotional and spiritual aspects of dying.
Provide bereavement counseling to the survivors.


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