Scott McClatchey

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Portfolio Management

We have several different investment approaches available from which I customize to some degree for each client based on their risk-profile, goals, and circumstances. Many clients prefer a managed allocation model approach wherein they can select, in conjunction with their advisor, the appropriate strategy and risk level. We also offer individual stocks and bonds, or bond-ladders, along with separately managed accounts (SMA) or custom portfolio solutions. One strategy we frequently employ implements a Nobel-prize winning approach which, historically, has outperformed the market without attempting to track an index, time the markets, or select specific stocks. This solution literally tilts the odds in the investor's favor and takes a lot of the emotion out of investing.

Financial Planning

Many of my client engagements begin with a financial plan, which lays out client goals along with a roadmap to and through retirement. We use MoneyGuidePro, which provides a statistical estimate of achieving client goals – e.g., 87% likelihood of not outliving your money if spend $100,000/yr throughout retirement and live to age 93. Once the baseline financial plan is established, we run various scenarios so the client can visualize the impact of retiring earlier, or higher inflation, or anything else, on their retirement success.