Amy Maidment

by | Mar 29, 2018

3 months ago-Stacy was instrumental in making my refinance happen quickly and smoothly. She was honest, friendly and non-judgmental when reviewing my situation. Stacy gave me a list with all the documentation that was needed. i provided the documents, she ran the credit and after I completed the disclosures and application the appraisal was ordered and scheduled. Stacy was safe and conservative with her estimates and we closed approximately 11 days before the time she promised. After combining my first mortgage and my equity line of credit, I'm saving approximately $600/month. AND, she only asked for an updated bank statement at the end as her list was thorough from the beginning.

I am also a real estate professional and give Stacy's information to all of my clients. She is my ROCKSTAR and helps to make amazing things happen when many loan officers don't have the ability, experience or insight to look at the various elements of the person's situation. She's available to answer questions and provide explanations in a helpful, patient and friendly manner to all of her clients.


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