Blueprint for Life

Blueprint for Life by LifeExec is a +20-course education program that will prepare you for major and minor life events. From Medical Emergency Plans to Cyber Security Protection to How to Recover from a Lost Wallet, LifeExec created a program where they bring in experts to assist you in building your family's preparedness plan. Led by LifeExec®'s Team, you'll have on-demand video classes to attend at your own pace with detailed instructions, checklists and forms. They provide everything you and your loved ones need to create your custom Blueprint for Life today.

Your Registration Includes:

• Lifetime access to Blueprint for Life Education courses.
• +20 on-demand courses that will prepare you and your family for life's major and minor
life events.
• Free preparedness forms, checklists, and templates.
• Expert advice, tips, and resources.
• Complimentary LifeExec® trial account.
• Weekly live webinars with a member of our team where you can have any questions
• Access to our private Facebook group where we'll share tips, answer questions, and
engage with our community.





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