Hand Painted Murals and Faux Finishes

Paul Maxwell Godfrey LLC

1. Fine Art
2. Handpainted Murals
3. Faux Painted Finishes
4. Specialized Painted Finishes (Sponge/Rag/Brush/Roller etc)
5. Gold Leaf (Gilding)
6. Custom Signage (Unique, on-of-a-kind signage)
7. Color Consultation (Helping to choose the right colors for home or office

It’s interesting to note, there’s a huge difference between FAUX and PAINTED FINISHES and these two words are often confused.

FAUX: French for “Artificial, Imitation or False” is more skilled and time-consuming. Like painting a simple plaster fireplace, and making it look like Marble, or Wood.

SPECIALIZED PAINTED FINISHES: These are not Faux, but simple, (but can be very beautiful and effective), Sponge/Rag/Brush, Roller Techniques, usually mixed with Glaze to make them transparent, so each layer creates and extra depth of color over the previous color, sometimes as few as 2 layers, unto as many as 10 or more layers, creating a depth. These can be with different Paints, Metallics, Additives to obtain the desired effect.

I’ve had hands-on experierience with many Art methods, including Commercial Art,Fine Art, Signs of all types, including Handpainted Signs, Sculpture, Gilding and Color Expertise, etc and I’ve organized and run 10 or more Artists on large Art Projects, so the bigger the better.

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