Kevin Kansaki

I had the pleasure to work with Kevin regarding 2 different homes. He's honest and doesn't nit pick. He finds the important concerns and addresses them! It's money well spent! Every new home buyer should use him!!!!!!!

- Shawna McManus – Homebuyer

Kevin was a really pleasant guy to talk to, he explained all the things my buyer needs to know about the home they are buying. He is awesome!

- Ellen Beltran, Realtor

Kevin is always courteous and patient. Provides the clients with a great service and discounts with his summary

- Bill Keefer, Realtor

      Great customer service. Kevin really knows his stuff and really cared for the customer. He gave a 100% quality assurance that my new home was in the best condition. Just awesome work!!!

- Brian Phillips, Homebuyer

      Pillar to Post offers a variety of services all under one roof:) By printing the Home Inspection Reports on site this saves precious time during an escrow! As many things are TIME SENSITIVE it is wonderful that all working parts are on the same page to close escrow in a timely manner. These reports are vital to buyers and also for any requests for repairs that are needed. It's obvious Pillar to Post understands this and delivers above expectations with their time frames. Thank you!

- Jennifer Carrillo, Realtor

Thanks Kevin Kansaki for all your help!! Looking for an awesome inspection? Kevin Kansaki is your man!   

- Diana Renee – Realtor

      I had a home inspection done recently by Kevin Kansaki from PillarToPost home inspectors.  First of all, Kevin arrived early, which was refreshing.  He thoroughly explained to me the process of the home inspection and got right to it. I appreciated his professional demeanor and the attention to detail in how he performed the inspection.  I literally think he checked every inch of the house!  At the conclusion of the inspection, we sat down and he explained his findings and  was very specific.  I am confident that the house i am buying was thoroughly gone through and i am buying a great home.  I want to thank Kevin for a great experience and appreciate the time and effort he put into it.   

- Lane Lagaret, Homebuyer

      If you want someone honest and very thorough with his work, Kevin Kansaki is the inspector you should hire. The day of the inspection Kevin introduced himself and told me exactly what he would be doing and involved me throughout the process. At the conclusion of the inspection, he made sure I understood every note he had made. I felt very comfortable with Kevin and knew that I could ask any question and that he would give me his honest opinion.


- Cynthia Navarro- Realtor