Lauren Rice

Lauren has such an immense and varied collection of knowledge that really lends to her practice, and also her ability to provide people with insightful guidance... she operates with complete kindness and total humility.
With Lauren, you're gonna get so much more than you anticipated. She's gonna help you connect the dots, unpack and understand the union between your biology, your psychology, and your spirituality in a way that you've never considered them before.

- Evie

I feel really good, just like myself again. I've lost 15 lbs, my skin is GLOWING, and people keep telling me I look great. I just tell them I'm finally taking care of me.

- Elise

Don't wait to invest in yourself! I have spent so much time and money on diets, self-help books and gym memberships. The cost of working with Lauren was a fraction of that and it has changed my life.

- Jennifer

I was so grateful for the way she shows up to her practice...her preparedness, her presence and her follow-up are all super professional and beautiful...I was surprised at how much food dogma there was in my life, and in spite of the hesitancy, I decided to try some of her ideas and let the results speak for themselves and they DID. I made significant changes in how I eat, how I think, and how I breathe that have really been beneficial.

- Holly