Marie Waite

by | Aug 24, 2016

I have worked with Steve for many years and he helped me to re-organize and build IVBCF. Under Steve's guidance, IVBCF grew to a level of quality and prestige that was unimaginable just a few years ago. What I learned from Steve through this process has helped me to establish and grow my other business enterprises. I have also grown and improved both personally and professionally by applying the knowledge and skills that I learned from working with him. I feel blessed by his leadership which resulted in a clear purpose, values and vision for IVBCF, resulting in easier decision making with a level of confidence that provided peace of mind. 

In addition to his coaching and advising, Steve personally handled many of our difficult administrative challenges including negotiations, legal compliance, member and client relations, partnering initiatives, contract development and management, event production and coordination, media representation, and branding of our organization. 

I've worked with and heard from many other coaches and experts,who lack a proven track record in their own businesses. Steve doesn't just teach sound leadership and management principles, he lives them.


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