Finest Women in Real Estate TV TALK SHOW with EANTV

by | Oct 8, 2018


Finest Women in Real Estate is now producing a weekly 30 minute TV Talk Show under the production of "Edge of America" (EANTV).  This show is now available on ROKU and AMAZON FIRE TV.  There are 4 different types of shows and discussions will be covering the following topics:

1 Rick Amato Real Estate Regulations & Policies, Trends, Financial, Investment, Legal
2 Steve Matley Real Estate Constructions, Remodeling, Interior Designing, Land Scaping, Plumbing, Carpet Cleaning, Electrical, Mold, Safety Issues, Solar, RE Process
3 Jeff Crume Business, Communication, Marriage&Divorce, Challenges, Sales, Life Coaching
4 Lyndell Werling Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Entertainment, Styling, Health

Every show will have expert contributors based on the topics that we will be bringing into the show.  This program will be educational to corporate or small companies, business professionals, business owners, home owners, home buyers, investors, commercial & residential industry, mortgage industry, financial industry and other business industries.

National TV Talk Show Host and Founder/CEO of Finest Women in Real Estate

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