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by | Nov 12, 2016

Finest Women in Real Estate Magazine Fall 2016 is now available!  Featuring Bibi Gonzales, a successful real estate agent in Orange County and Inland Empire shared her story about her life in this country and how she ended up in Real Estate industry.  Other stories and articles to read are from Fox News Anchor Christine Devine, Safety Tips from Cristina Coria, a Survivor Alumni and Public Safety Expert, Inspirational story from Chris York who survived a car accident, business tips from Steve Matley, a business advisor and leadership trainer, articles contributed by the City of Temecula, City of Murrieta and City of Corona.


We also have some educational articles for health & fitness, Fashion, lifestyle and entertainment.  Great testimonials from some of the members of the Finest Women in Real Estate and the community.


This magazine is to inspire people and to provide valuable information that we can all use.  You can order online to get your copy and hopefully you'll enjoy reading this magazine and be able to share it to others.


We thank all the people who supported and contributed their time and energy in publishing this magazine.  Our appreciation to all our sponsors for believing and supporting this program. And most of all, Thank you God for your guidance and unconditional love for all of us.


Magazine site:


Here is a fun promotional video and hope that you like it!


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