Review from Amanda B

by | Jul 11, 2017

What an experience?! I truly believe every person needs to at least do a closet clean out with Lyndell Werling. She is amazingly talented but let’s get the worrisome things out of the way first: she does NOT judge you!!

Don’t worry about your body shape, type, style, the old item you couldn’t part with because it has some memory that no one understand except for you. Now how awesome she is: Lyndell totally gets it, budget, wants, needs, looking sexy or handsome yet sophisticated. She tailors to you not her! She doesn’t try to force you into a style that isn’t you. I find this to be even more amazing because some people don’t get how to keep your style in mind while still bringing their talent to the table – Lyndell nails it!

Whatever your needs are – If it is a closet makeover, a seasonal clean out, just an update, or if it is an I need to look amazing for this big date next week, or an event I’m attending; and of course she does even more with photoshoots, marketing, fashion week and more. To put the icing on the cake she is super fun to go through the process with!


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