Month: July 2017

Steve presented at the Fire Up Connect meeting on Monday, 7/10th. I have read so much about Steve that I have been looking forward to meeting him and listening to his speech.  He gave such great and sound advice that I was taking as much notes as possible as he provided a wealth of information that I know will help me grow my business and me personally.  He is such a great coach, advisor, and business leader.  One thing that I made an impact on me is his passion for teaching, mentoring, and sharing his knowledge and experience with others since I feel the same way.          


- E. Justina Domingo, speaking about

What an experience?! I truly believe every person needs to at least do a closet clean out with Lyndell Werling. She is amazingly talented but let’s get the worrisome things out of the way first: she does NOT judge you!!

Don’t worry about your body shape, type, style, the old item you couldn’t part with because it has some memory that no one understand except for you. Now how awesome she is: Lyndell totally gets it, budget, wants, needs, looking sexy or handsome yet sophisticated. She tailors to you not her! She doesn’t try to force you into a style that isn’t you. I find this to be even more amazing because some people don’t get how to keep your style in mind while still bringing their talent to the table – Lyndell nails it!

Whatever your needs are – If it is a closet makeover, a seasonal clean out, just an update, or if it is an I need to look amazing for this big date next week, or an event I’m attending; and of course she does even more with photoshoots, marketing, fashion week and more. To put the icing on the cake she is super fun to go through the process with!

- Review from Amanda B, speaking about

Lyndell is very professional & has an excellent eye for fashion. She is very interested in learning about her clients and matching their style to their personality to a tee.

- Review from Anna W, speaking about

Three years ago, Jim McLaughlin, my coach mentor, shared this wisdom with me and the eyes to my soul were opened:

There’s nothing like the confidence that comes with having the road to success all mapped out. What you can’t see, however, are the potholes and detours that can set you back. Find the coaching that will help you deal with the challenges and keep you on the right road. Reinventing yourself requires that you challenge long-held beliefs. You can’t do that until you recognize them as ‘beliefs’ and not the ‘truth.’ These long-held beliefs have become a habitual way of being and acting for you—and you are mostly unaware of it. Thus, what you can accomplish is limited. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to reinvent yourself.

Having the right professional coach/mentor/partner to team with you to move your life from good to amazing and extraordinary is essential.  Jim McLaughlin is my coach.  I appreciate him and recommend his professional transformational coaching to all who are looking to live an amazing and extraordinary life.

- Lloyd Mize – Harvest Team at Rancon Real Estate, speaking about

Jim came to my house and delivered a very moving and powerful speech on positive thinking and how to get out of your own way.  I had my elite agents for lunch and then he joined us...I will never forget it!  You were wonderful!

- Barbara Horan – Move Home Realty, speaking about

Joy provided me with an amazing experience with my recent listing. She prepared the preliminary report and investigated the CCR's before we even listed the home publicly. Joy was tremendous at following up quickly and helping me obtain the information I needed for my clients. She even went above and beyond and helped me search for realtor associates to sit on my weekend open houses. I would highly recommend Joy to realtors or any professional in need of her services. I will definitely use Joy in the future!

- Service!, speaking about