Finest Women in Real Estate National TV Talk Show

by | Jun 9, 2019

The Finest Women In Real Estate (FWRE) Show is firing up the airwaves on national television, in front of the eyes of 10 million viewers.

This show is the idea child of Marie Antonette Waite, the founder and CEO of The Finest Women In Real Estate. Her company markets and promotes real estate professionals as the “finest” in their industry. As a successful businesswoman and avid believer in service and community, Marie created the FWRE show in order to take her mission a step further: by creating a stage where real estate professionals and business owners can share their knowledge, experiences and stories. Specifically, she wanted to showcase how women in the real estate and small business sectors achieve their dreams while balancing a healthy lifestyle. 

Contrary to its name, the show is not just about real estate. It's about the people featured on the show and what they can bring to the table for the viewers. Viewers can expect to hear discussions regarding the the key issues, relationships and trends that affect real estate professionals, business owners, thought leaders and consumers. Or how the shows’ hosts frame it:  “the transformation behind the transaction.

Here is how each episode works: Over the course of 30 minutes, the host and 3 guests take the central theme of the episode and break it down into three segments. They dissect and discuss each segment by sharing their experiences, their stories, and their honest professional opinion. Combining the power of their expertise and weaving together their colorful personalities creates a unique synergy that is organic in nature and full of valuable tidbits. All of this is done with the consumer in mind, in order to empower and educate them. Topics include real estate, confidence, fashion, personal branding, industry trends, and self-improvement to empower women and be taken more seriously in the real estate industry.

The first episode gives an overview of the BIG WHY behind the show, which is to highlight the success of women in the real estate and small business sectors. In the second episode, the show defines who are the Finest Women In Real Estate (real estate agents) and who are considered Finest Resources (anyone who provides services to help real estate agents to complete the transactions, e.g. mortgage loan officers). They go on further to discuss what it takes to get a home ready to sell, what the consumer needs to know about solar, housing trends and best tips for sellers. 

For the third episode, the host and guests expand their discussion topics to include time management, spirituality, communication and personal branding. The fourth episode is all about the importance of image and appearance as a woman, why it is important to dress sharply for clients and what it takes to create a total professional look. At the end of the episode, the guests show off their glamorous outfits as personal stylist and hostess Lyndell Werling tells the viewers exactly why each outfit is the right fit for each guest. 

The line-up of rotating hosts in the first four episodes include TV producer Rick Amato, Steve Matley of Coast 2 Coast Equities, Inc, personal stylist Lyndell Werling and life coach Jeff Crume. In later episodes, solar representative Kimberly Whitfield joins as a new addition to the crew.

Guests featured on the show include Pauline Woelky (Owner of United One Realty), Laleh Hanks (America’s Choice Mortgage Benefits), Michelle Limon (CMG Financial), Jonathan Preston (real estate and construction attorney), Kerry Bowman (communication expert), Rich Gaines (Legacy Legal), Marie Antonette Waite (Finest Women In Real Estate), Teresa Vo (Vo Property and Investments), Kimberly Sievert (New School of Architecture and Design) and countless more.

When watching the FWRE show, viewers get a unique opportunity to watch female professionals participate in open and honest discussions with each other, celebrating their diverse backgrounds, abilities and skills. Every episode is a journey of camaraderie, understanding and compassion. It is an experience like no other.

Tune in to the weekly episodes by catching it on the Edge of America Television Network, which is available on Amazon Fire and Roku. Episodes can be viewed online on YouTube or subscribing to the Finest Women in Real Estate TV show website at As a bonus treat, look out for the up and coming spin-off show The Real Men of Real Estate aimed at highlighting the men of the real estate industry. You don’t want to miss any of this!




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