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by | Nov 21, 2018

When FIRE UP CONNECT was first made, it could be described as building and learning the Fundamentals, establishing an effective Introduction, building Relationships among businesses connections, and even clients, showcasing one’s own Expertise of their own field, obtaining great Understanding of the group’s business, and finally building and establishing Projects to help grow those within the FIRE UP CONNECT, to establish not only their business but a deeper incentive to why they made the project to begin with. What makes FIRE UP CONNECT so important is not just having a means of building connections with different businesses, but there is a strong will and compassion to bring events and business to the community. We learned last year from two events in two chapters. It was in October we had Halloween for Heroes, hosted by Oceanside Chapter led by Monica Stone (President and Member of Finest Women in Real Estate) with the support of John Richardson (VP of Membership) and Bonnie Kau (Chapter Treasurer) where we would give away a pumpkin of one’s own choosing and in addition, there was also Turkeys for Troops which was hosted by the Temecula Chapter led by Tina Casen (President and Member of Finest Women in Real Estate) supported by Steve Tempel (VP of Membership), Kevin Kansaki and Robert Keeley. Both events were a smashing hit and had some popular numbers. Now of course, the reasoning to why these events were made was particularly in awareness to both active and inactive military as well as veterans who served.

Halloween for Heroes 2017, was a major hit last year that Halloween for Heroes made its 2nd Annual premiere! While being that it was a great event, the reasoning behind the importance to why this event was made was to establish a social connection with the community along with military who have served was that Monica Stone who also once served in the military and went to the route of being a Mortgage Financing Specialist, it was in her goal to ensure that the success of this event was a huge hit. The incentive of giving military or even those who once served the opportunity to receive a free pumpkin showcases the respect, honor, and value for the military. Meanwhile at the event there was a corn maze, hay ride tractor riding, a best costume contest, and even a raffle for the largest pumpkin at the event! This was open to the community along with the help of the Stand-Up Comedian John Hill who gave his talent to emcee and to bring more excitement to the event. Of course, even Halloween for Heroes 2018 was a great hit and had everything else that 2017 provided! A record of 162 registered military families and over 90 military families showed up and received their free pumpkin last October. This time Carlsbad Chapter organized this event and was led by Bonnie Kau supported by Rachel Selk, John Richardson, Stacy Hunjadi, Amy Lanci, Stefanie Blue and Lyndell Werling. Also aiding in this chapter for their own event, Rich Gaines who is the President of the San Marcus Chapter also contributed his time to help emcee the event.

Going back to last year’s memories, we could think back to Turkey For Troops. Tina Casen who was the President of the Chapter for this event, also a specialist and knowledge of Military Relocation, she is a licensed REALTOR® with over 20 years of experience in retailing business ownership and management. Being a Military Veteran, she is honored to help other military families as they transfer to and from Southern California. She can help with buying, selling, or even renting. The idea of this event is deeply and solely in the idea to give away a free turkey as well as key ingredients for one’s own Thanksgiving event with the Turkey For Troops event. It was also a good incentive to communicate with military families about the business as it would help grow and give more activity. In addition to this, she has done plenty of charities all of which related to supporting military such as Cadet Corps and sending CARE packages and needed items for troops in foreign lands. There were a few guests that appeared at the event, Valerie Geason who sang the National Anthem, and Stu Hedley, a Pearl Harbor Survivor. Of course, with the entertainment there came the Meal Give-Away, where ingredients and even a turkey was given away for those who came to the event. None of this could have happened without Tina Casen the former President of the Temecula Chapter, and with the sponsorship support of the following: American Legion Auxiliary, Exit Alliance Realty, Robert Keeley, Kevin Kansaki and Steve Tempel.

There will be some upcoming events coming in soon for 2018-2019. Hosted by Temecula Chapter led by President Jim McLaughlin with Laura Roeder, John Freitas, Steve Tempel, John Ruff, from the Temecula Chapter, the event known as “Keeping Seniors Safe”, K.I.S.S Today for short, is an event and awareness to keep the senior safe. When thinking about the K.I.S.S event, Laura Roeder, being a military wife and heavily focused in the specialization of focusing on small business retirement strategies, long term care, Life disability and Health ensure, her interest for this event is crucial based upon her own knowledge in her own field. Therefore, when we think about Keeping Seniors safe, potentially there is an important awareness of health for the community of seniors in the area. In addition with Jim McLaughlin, being truly a person of the community, he has so much experience in his own career as well as a host for the Temecula Tedx that it just showcases his care for not just the city but the community of Temecula. For more information about the event, contact Laura Roeder at (951) 795-0068.

When it comes to the importance of bringing business to the community by showing that you care, another event to consider is known as the Fire Up Business Olympics, an event being developed by the San Marcus Chapter of FIRE UP Connect led by Rich Gaines (President) along with Scott McClatchey, Janine Haynes, John Reinhardt and Adriana Drogevic. Rich Gaines is the owner of Legacy Legal, Inc., a leading business, tax and estate planning firm in North San Diego County. With Rich Gaines’ ideals to build strategies where both businesses and families have their dream turn into a wealth building vehicle, the Business Olympics is a great way to sell this idea to the community. For the Financial Planner, Scott McClatchey, having this event is a way to give back to the community. By heart, Scott loves to stay active by volunteering and giving back his time and experiences to the community. He has proven this in plenty of events and clubs he has been a part of such as Rotary, Kiwanis and San Diego based nonprofit the Society for Financial Awareness. Having the Business Olympics will provide North County youth an opportunity to participate in a fun, competitive event while learning about starting their own company with support from area business professionals. For more information about this event, contact Scott McClatchey at (760) 692-5196 or Rich Gaines at (760) 931-9923. We hope to see you all at these new upcoming events!

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